Testing for Biodiesel (B-100) ASTM D6751


What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a diesel fuel made from resources including vegetable oils or recycled sources. Unlike fossil based diesel, these resources are renewable and include surplus vegetable oils and waste products. B-100 Biodiesel is completely biodegradable and non-toxic to plants, animals and humans. Biodiesel has been our country's fastest growing fuel during the 21st century because it reduces exhaust emissions in existing diesel engines, preserves energy resources, cleans the air and supports the farm economy.

For the full ASTM D6751 testing package, we require submission of 2 gallons of product. 

Test ASTM Method Units Price ($)
Flash, PMCC D-93 °C 27
Water & Sediment D-2709 % volume 20
Kinematic Viscosity D-445 cSt 30
Sulfated Ash D-874 % mass 50
Sulfur D-3120 % mass 55
Copper Strip Corrosion D-130 wt % 45
Cetane Numberą D-613 --- 260*
Cloud Point D-2500 °C 55
Carbon Residue D-189 wt % 50
Acid Number D-664 mgKOH/g 15
Free Glycerin D-6584 % mass 160
Total Glycerin2 D-6584 % mass N/A
Phosphorus Content D-4951 % mass 18
Distillation D-1160 °C 180

Total Price of ASTM D6751                                                                                                                 $965.00


Discounts available for multiple samples and scheduled periodic testing. Call for prices.

ąThis analysis is subcontracted. Shipping costs are included.

2Free Glycerin and Total Glycerin are run as part of the same method. There is no additional charge for Total Glycerin when running Free Glycerin.


Chain of Custody Form

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