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Parameter Method
Acid Number (TAN) ASTM D-974
Acidity EPA 305.1
Alcohol in fuel FTIR
Alkalinity EPA 310.1         SM 2320B
Ammonia EPA 350.3
Antifreeze Pkg. ASTM D-287
Ash ASTM D-482
Ash-Sulfated ASTM D-874
Bacteria in fuel Culture
Base Number, Total (TBN) ASTM D-4739
BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) SM 5210B            EPA 405.1
Bromide SM 4500-Br-B
B S & W (Bottom Sediment & Water) ASTM D-2709
BTU-Estimated ASTM D-4868
Carbon, Conradson ASTM D-189
Cation Exchange SW 846 9081
Cetane Index ASTM D-4737
Chlorinated Herbicides EPA 615/8151 GC/MS
Chlorinated Pesticides EPA 608/8081
Chlorinated Phenols EPA 8270
Chlorinated Solvent Scan EPA 8260
Chloride EPA 325.3           SM 4500-CL-C
Chlorine, Total Residual SM 4500-CL-G
Cloud Point ASTM D-2500
COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) EPA 410.4
Color (platinum-cobalt) SM 2120B
Conductivity SM 2510B           EPA 120.1
Conradson Carbon  ASTM D-189
Corrosion Copper Strip ASTM D-130
Corrosivity (pH only) EPA 1110
Cyanide (Total & Reactive) SM 4500CN-E  SW 846 CHPTR7
Diesel (water or soil matrix) NWTPH-Dx
Distillation ASTM D-86
Drinking Water, Primary Inorganics Various
Drinking Water, Primary and Secondary Inorganics Various
Drinking water, Bacteria Various
Engine Oil, Basic Package Various
Engine Oil, Advanced Package Various
Ethylene/Propylene Glycol GC-FID
Flash Point, C.O.C. ASTM D-92
Flash Point, PMCC ASTM D-93
Flash Point, TCC ASTM D-56
Fluoride EPA 340.2          SM 4500-F C
Formaldehyde NCASI CI/WP-98.01
Free Liquids (Paint Filter Test) SW 846 9095
Freeze Point ASTM D-2386
Gasoline  NWTPH-Gx
Gas to Oil Ratio (2-cycle) UV-VIS
Glycol in Oil ASTM D-2982
Gravity ASTM D-287
Hardness  EPA 200.7
HEM  EPA 1664
Hexavalent Chromium SM 3500-CR-D  SW 846 7196A
HCID (Hydrocarbon Identification)  NWTPH-HCID
Ignitability (PMCC) EPA 1010
Infrared Scan FTIR
Infrared (Microscopic) FTIR-Micro
Lead in Paint EPA 6010
Mercury by Cold Vapor EPA 245.1
Metals (ICP, GFAA) EPA 3010/3050, EPA 3020/3050
Metals (DCP) AES 0029
Neutralization Number ASTM D-974
Nitrate (NO3) EPA 353.3          SM 4500NO3E
Nitrite (NO2) EPA 354.1          SM 4500NO2B
Oxygen, Dissolved EPA 360.1
Organochlorine Pesticides/PCB's EPA 608/8081 GC
Orthophosphate SM 4500-P C
PAH EPA 625/8270
Paint Filter Test SW 846 9095
Particle Count LASER, size & dist. LASER
PCB, Used Oil EPA 8082
PCB Water/Soil (ppb) EPA 608/8082
PCB in Transformer Oil (ppm) EPA 8082
Pentachlorophenol SW 846 8270C    EPA 604
Peroxide number ASTM E-299-90  ASTM D-1832
pH SW 846 9045    EPA 150.1
Phenol (total) EPA 420.1
Phenols SW 846 8270C
Phosphorus, Total SW 846-6010B
Pour Point ASTM D-97
RVP, Reid Vapor Pressure ASTM D-323
Sediment by Extraction ASTM D-473
Semi-Volatiles EPA 625/8270
Solids,Total  EPA 160.3
Solids,Total Dissolved SM 2540C           EPA 160.1
Solids,Total Settleable SM2540
Solids,Total Suspended EPA 160.2
Solids,Total Volatile EPA 160.4
Sulfate EPA 375.4
Sulfide SM 4500-S2-E   EPA 376.1
Sulfide (reactive) SW 846 CHPTR7
Sulfite SM 4500-SO3-B  EPA 377.1
Sulfur ASTM D-3120
Surfactants (MBAS) SM 5540C
TCLP Metals (RCRA 8) 

EPA 6010         EPA 7470  

TCLP Volatile Organics EPA 8260 GC/MS
TCLP Semi-Volatile Organics EPA 8270 GC/MS
TCLP Pesticides EPA 8270 GC/ECD-GC/MS
TCLP Herb. (with Semi-Volatiles) EPA 8270 GC/MS
TCLP, Complete Parameters Various
Total Organic Carbon SM5310B  SW846 9060  EPA 415.1
Total Organic Halogens/Total Halogens SW 846 9076     SW 846 9020 (mod)
Turbidity EPA 180.1
Viscosity Kinematic ASTM D-445
Volatile Organic Compounds EPA 624/8260
Waste/Used Oil Package AES 0029           ASTM D93

SW846 8082      SW846 9076  

Water by Distillation ASTM D-95
Water by Karl Fischer ASTM D-1744

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