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About Spectra Laboratories

               Personalized service                                                     Experienced personnel

               Fast and accurate results                                                Competitive fees

               Full service analytical and environmental laboratory

     Spectra Laboratories is a full service analytical laboratory striving to provide the highest quality environmental analytical services. We offer reasonable prices with prompt turnaround time. Our staff at Spectra is composed of experienced chemists and laboratory professionals with years of analytical experience. Our laboratory provides all necessary sample boxes, bottles, and labels. Spectra Laboratories is certified by the Washington State Department of Ecology as an accredited laboratory. Our accreditation includes metals, inorganic and full GC & GC/MS organic parameters. Spectra Laboratories follows a strict Quality Assurance/Quality Control program in compliance with the requirements of the EPA, DOE, DOH, ASTM, AOAC, and other accrediting organizations. 


Home Page Oil Analysis Environmental Analyses Drinking Water Alphabetical Test List Petroleum Analyses Other Services